KMSpico for Windows 10

KMSpico is a free program that allows you to obtain licenses for Microsoft products, including Excel, 
Word, PowerPoint, etc.

Thanks to this, you can use all the available features of these programs without having to buy a 
license key.

The Program is stable and reliable, does not require an Internet connection and any additional 
software. Features the main task of this utility is to activate Microsoft software licenses, which 
include All Windows operating systems, from Vista to Windows 10. Server OS 2008 and later. Office 2010 and future releases.


Windows update

Q. Can I install updates after installing this program?
A. Yes!


Q. SmartScreen Window is grey and not active! Help… KMSpico has damaged my operating system!!!!
A. If you’re smart enough to use SmartScreen, then go ahead…it can be enabled using the script from the “s” folder”

Permanent activation

Q. is it forever?
A. Windows Vista Operating systems/7/8/8.1 reactivated automatically. So Yes!
Windows Professional WMC / Core
Q. They only activate for 30 or 45 days!!!
A. the Official KMS servers are not able to activate Windows Professional WMC / Core, so thanks to the activator developer for being able to activate Windows 8 version on 30 and Windows 8.1 version on 45 days respectively.


Q. My anti-Virus swears like a shoemaker!
The file itself is safe and should be added to the exclusion list.
Online / Offline activation
Q. do I need an Internet connection?
A. NO!
Firewall and Anti-Virus
Q. the Activator is not working!!!!
A. some firewalls and anti-viruses block the program. Add it to the exclusion list.


Q. nothing works for me!!!!
A. Install a fresh copy of the operating system.


Q. I have everything activated but the Watermark has not disappeared.
A. Reboot!


Q. I have genuine windows/office software. Will not fly off the license for them?
A. the Program is designed to authenticate windows/office. The whole idea is to activate what is not activated! So don’t worry about it!

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